Recap - Webinar #20: Security Trends 2022

By:Lucy Neal

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Recap - Webinar #20: Security Trends 2022
Our wonderful, 'Security Trends 2022,' panel!

Yesterday our Women in DevOps community united for our final webinar session of 2021, ‘Security Trends 2022,’ in collaboration with our wonderful friends at JFrog.  


We discussed the execution of cyber security tasks alongside new technological advancements. Stefania Chaplin interesting spoke about how ‘25% of all breaches are caused by human error,’ adding that we must be empathetic with ourselves. Moran A. echoed this and added we must try to empower our employees. By giving people the opportunity to run systems and developments, great responsibility and accountability will follow. Moreover, in 2021 cybersecurity saw a global spike in Ransomware activity. Nitzan Gotlib spoke about how organizations are becoming more aware of these attacks, and Jaki Hsieh Wojan predicted that hackers will elevate their sophistication by targeting users on social media to uncover rich information.  

During the evening, we discovered that 20% of our audience believe their organization does not have an inclusive hiring process. We explored ways to combat this, such as amending job descriptions, creating a reasonable list of ‘required’ and ‘desired’ attributes, as well as initiating an inclusive onboarding process and mentoring others. 

Missed the webinar? We've got you covered - catch up on all the action below. 

Thank you to our fabulous panel and audience for all their current, critical insights, and to our amazing platinum sponsor, JFrog for collaborating with us! Here's to 2022 folks.