Recap - Webinar #18: Inclusion and Impact in Fintech with Chime

By:Lucy Neal

Recap - Webinar #18: Inclusion and Impact in Fintech with Chime

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On Tuesday the 5th of October, we got to enjoy another panel discussion, this time hosted by our sponsor Chime which is an industry-leading financial technology company. In this inspiring webinar, their industry experts talked about women in tech and how to thrive in this industry. They dived into leadership and how the human aspect of leadership is what motivates them the most.

The panel also explored the phenomenon that is imposter syndrome, how this is particularly common for women in tech, and how they have handled this throughout their careers. Shine noted, “Everyone has experienced imposter syndrome to some degree, I certainly have. The irony here is that it's such a ubiquitous human experience; to feel, to have self-doubt, to feel insufficient about ourselves, and yet it can be so isolating.”

The panel discussed ways to overcome these feelings, and how both accepting them and seeing them for what they are can help in the process. Ingrid looked back at her journey and said that she didn’t understand that she was good at programming until she started sharing her knowledge with others.

“I started having people come to me and ask me questions, and that really helped. I started learning that the way I kind of got good at things was (by) teaching others,” she explained.

Michael Barrett joined the panel as an ally and spoke about how important it is to promote women in management as this can inspire other women to join the tech industry. He said, “It's hard to be what you haven't seen before.”

He also touched on the importance of workplace balance and that companies need to provide this for women to feel like they have the same opportunities.

Further, they discussed the importance of mentors and how they can introduce you to different communities which can lead to your next career move. They also touched upon the fact that we always look for mentors that are more senior than ourselves, or even mentors that are older. This, however, does not have to be the case, and peer to peer mentorships can be just as valuable. Shannon explained, “(When) I was a junior developer just straight out of boot camp, all of the women who graduated from my boot camp that year stayed together. Some were working for Fortune 50 companies, some were working for small startups. And those different experiences I think really helped all of us grow. It's really about just getting more perspectives, and also finding people who can help you get an end or help you grow with their experience.”

You can watch the full webinar below!