Recap - Event: Knowing Your Worth: UK Salary Negotiation Workshop

By:Francesca Pollard

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Recap - Event: Knowing Your Worth: UK Salary Negotiation Workshop
Our amazing Salary Negotiation experts!

Reach for the outrageous numbers! Always negotiate your salary – your counterparts do. Thank you to everyone who attended Women in DevOps' latest networking initiative, where we teamed up with Black Girls in Tech to tackle one of today’s biggest taboos: Salary negotiation.

From thinking strategically to the power of self-advocacy, our interactive workshop explored the techniques and challenges involved with talking pay, and how to pilot a career in a world that’s built for someone else.

60% of women have never negotiated their salary (CNBC), and times are long overdue for a change. Through events like this, we can help raise awareness and provide others with the tools they need to break the mould and level up their careers.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our panellists our hosts, Crypt on the Green, and our amazing audience who engaged with the workshop and kept the panel discussion flowing with their questions.

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