Join Women in DevOps at this years DevOps Live

By:Francesca Pollard

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Join Women in DevOps at this years DevOps Live

Save the date! Join Women in DevOps on 8th March for an inclusive panel discussion, 'Belonging in DevOps: The Importance of Intersectionality' at DevOps Live this International Women's Day.

The term intersectionality is the idea that people have more than one identity, and these identities are often inherently combined. Forbes (2021) previously noted that diverse teams make better decisions 87% of the time over non-diverse teams, shifting broader perspectives and wider knowledge to the foreground. This can result in greater success for organisations, as well as improved productivity and greater opportunity to achieve success on a global scale.

This talk will discuss intersectionality while uncovering the different types of intersectionality which are often overlooked by organisations. We shall also discuss tips, advice and best practices for DevOps professionals hoping to implement intersectional goals and make tangible changes within their organisations.

Our panel will include:

  • Francesca Pollard - Host at Women in DevOps
  • Lucy Eloise Neal - Host at Women in DevOps
  • Jade O'Neil - Chair at ON
  • Jaipal Sachdev - Production Planning Division Lead at 3M
  • Jessica Cregg - Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly
  • Georgina Shute - Tech and Kindness Consultant at Equals Experts

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