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Webinar #5 - 'How Software Engineers can utilise DevOps best practices'
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Webinar #5 - 'How Software Engineers can utilise DevOps best practices'

A panel discussion that will look at how engineering teams look to utilise their software engineers to upskill with DevOps best practices. How are things evolving from the traditional split of DevOps and Software Engineers? What is the relationship between cloud and engineering teams and how has this progressed? How are Frontend teams in particular developing their Javascript engineers to work with the full stack in cloud environments? Talks will focus on the challenges and successes that industry professionals have experienced and what mindset engineering and devOps teams take when sharing the responsibility of working in cloud. 

Confirmed Speakers:
- Francesca Pollard - Host and Chair, Women in DevOps
- Tamara Miner - Partner Engineering Manager, Improbable
- Jeremy Burns - Head of Software Engineering, News UK

We’ll continue to share new information in the forthcoming weeks, so stay up to date by making sure you RSVP on the meet-up page.

  • 01/09/2020
  • To be confirmed