Women's Month: Meet Vividha Singh

By:Alfie Rice

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Women's Month: Meet Vividha Singh

Vividha Singh moved from India to Germany and joined ng-voice as the Senior Testing Engineer in January 2020. 

Prior to taking on her first job in a new country, she was a test lead for a leading telecom in India for over 7 years. Ng-voice is an exciting, fast-growing startup in the telco industry where Vividha can follow her interests in solving challenging problems and learning new things. She had the chance to build the testing team and set up the framework for testing their software products from scratch. 

Currently, she is managing all the test activities (manual as well as automation) including the client-specific testing. ng-voice keeps up with the fast development pace in the tech industry, which is what attracted Vividha to choose a career in this field in the first place. 

Professionally, Vividha’s role model is Indira Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo. Ms. Nooyi is a giant in the corporate world, is regularly included in lists of "The world's most powerful Women" and has really inspired Vividha to work hard and follow her dreams. 

‘If I was to give advice to my younger self, it would be to never second guess myself and always believe in my talents and capabilities.’