Women's Month: Meet Jessica Chappell

By:Alfie Rice

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Women's Month: Meet Jessica Chappell
Meet our community member Jessica Chappell

Jessica Chappell (She/Her) is a DevOps Engineer from North Carolina. Jessica started working in the local restaurant industry, as her wife was a successful chef, she worked as a cashier in a food truck. Then, she began to learn to cook, then learn electrical wiring, plumbing, and even how to replace some diesel engine parts.

In early 2018, Jessica’s wife reminded her of how she used to love technology as a child. Jessica enrolled in some networking and security classes where she discovered her true passion: problem-solving. By May, she applied for her first DevOps role, and the rest is history.

"I've always looked at my experiences as a journey where I get to reflect upon my struggles and triumphs and learn from those and build upon them. Life is an incredible journey, and it's important to me not to get too caught up in what I would've done differently when I was younger, but instead, what I would do differently now."

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