Women's Month: Meet Aubrey Stearn

By:Alfie Rice

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Women's Month: Meet Aubrey Stearn
Meet our community member Aubrey Stearn

To celebrate women's month, we will be sharing some of our inspirational community members here at Women in DevOps.


Aubrey Stearn otherwise known as Bree, is an Interim CTO. Bree is the first trans-CTO in the UK and has previously held interim roles at Oakam, Nationwide, Arcadia, PizzaHut and Travel Lodge. A developer at heart and former head of IT Operations, she understands the synergy possible with DevOps.

‘I’m more interested in why groups are underrepresented and what we can do to change that than, I want you to hire me because I’m exceptional and not because I’m transgender, mutually I want folks to know I hired them because they are exceptional and not to tick a box.’

Check out Bree’s YouTube channel. This platform has enabled Bree to speak candidly about her life and talk about all things DevOps.