September Community Member of the Month

By:Lucy Neal

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September Community Member of the Month

Our September community member of the month has been confirmed and is the wonderful Ingrid Avendaño.

Ingrid is a Senior Software Engineer at Chime on the Developer Experience team building out the infrastructure and tools for engineers to develop in the cloud. Ingrid was originally a painter but started her journey into tech on a bet. Previously, Ingrid has worked for companies such as Netflix, Cruise, and Uber. Ingrid is an advisor for a mental health start-up for Latinx tech workers. During the pandemic, Ingrid has been learning how to sail and recently acquired a sailboat that she has been working on preparing for a trip to sail around the world.

“My name is Ingrid, and my career in the tech industry started after a peer in college thought I wasn’t smart enough to learn how to code so I signed up for my first computer science course to prove them wrong (which I did!). From there I changed my major, hung out at hackerspaces, picked up several tech internships but ultimately ended up dropping out of college due to financial reasons. Unsure what to do next, I joined a boot camp to focus on web development and help me network in Silicon Valley and find mentors. I ended up landing a job as an early Software Engineer at Uber and it was there, I grew my engineering skills and gained a lot of responsibility fast during the crazy hypergrowth years.

Eventually, I moved on to contract work with start-ups and worked at other companies like Netflix as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer where I was on-call for all of the streaming worldwide. Today, I work at Chime as a Senior Software Engineer on the Developer Experience team. I’m happy to report I have a healthy work/life balance, and very much enjoy my latest hobby of sailing where I’m training to take a sailboat around the world.”