Recap - Webinar #17: Unlocking Operational Efficiency - The transition to SRE

By:Lucy Neal

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Recap - Webinar #17: Unlocking Operational Efficiency - The transition to SRE

We brought our Women in DevOps community together for our ‘Unlocking operational efficiency - The transition to SRE’ webinar. The conversation explored our panellists’ various journeys into technology, the overlapping differences, and common misconceptions of SRE.

The worlds of DevOps and SRE are often interchanged, and there's significant debate around the differences and overlaps of these two phenomena, Andreia stated that ‘DevOps is enabling teams to own processes entirely. DevOps is the realm and terrain where SRE can operate.’
We touched on the challenges our speakers had experienced when adopting SRE, such as implementing the SRE mindset, changing the culture, training/coaching and lack of support and availability of skillset. Our panel conversed their innovative technical approaches and tips to effectively implementing SRE.
We explored career pathways and how there is no specific pathway or degree to SRE. Júlia mentioned that nowadays individuals are not required to have a degree, which is 'a sign of change in how we are learning’. Bootcamps, online training, support groups, GitHub communities, mentorship and networking are some of the new pathways that have formed in recent years.
A fundamental takeaway that our panel agreed was that if you have the drive, passion, and dedication to succeed in SRE you will get to where you want to be. Did you miss this webinar? Not to worry, you can watch on our YouTube channel here: