Recap - Webinar #16: The DevOps-ing Journey

By:Lauren Langdell

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Recap - Webinar #16: The DevOps-ing Journey

We hosted another successful webinar with our Founder Lauren Langdell. The webinar showcased two talks led by our sponsors from JFrog and CircleCI.

The first talk of the session was led by Jeremy Meiss, whilst it seems that every week new terms appear to describe DevOps tools, segments, ideas, practices, etc., are they really new? CI/CD, Progressive Delivery, AIOps, GitOps, TreeOps (not real, but who knows, maybe it will be next week?) - are they all the same, or are they just reimagining last week’s buzz words? Jeremy broke down a few of these terms, what they mean, how they’re used, and why they may matter for you and your teams in an engaging talk.
Following Jeremy, Anastasia and Batel from JFrog co-hosted an insightful talk on how they are using K8’s at Jfrog while combining automation relying on DevOps tools and securing the process. Touching on the importance of knowing that humans can make mistakes and that automation can help to overcome this by:

-      Enhance app protection layers
-      Adopt different resources
-      Improve security program
-      Configure services/customer needs
-      Support adding new apps and services
We asked the audience, ‘Do you feel there has been a cultural shift in the last year when addressing diversity in DevOps?’ The majority of respondents (44%) declared that they felt there had been no cultural shift when addressing diversity, with 25% stating maybe and 31% agreeing that there had been a cultural shift when addressing diversity. Showcasing the importance of our community, to break down the barriers and drive positive change in addressing diversity and inclusion issues in DevOps.

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