Recap - Webinar #14: Pride in DevOps: The Power of Allyship

By:Lucy Neal

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Recap - Webinar #14: Pride in DevOps: The Power of Allyship

Our Women in DevOps community came together for the return of Pride in DevOps, focusing this year on ‘The Power of Allyship.’ 

We commenced the conversation by explaining what exactly an LGBTQIA+ ally is, Susie Coleman outlined that it is simply a person who ‘taking in an interest in the world around them,’ and wants to support others. We also spoke about the importance of being an active bystander to ensure people feel supported both in the workplace and in a social context. The majority of our audience concluded that the best way to being an active bystander is to call out inappropriate behaviour and embrace challenging conversations. 
Additionally, we explored the challenges the community face with regards to their mental health. Stonewall recently recorded that in the UK alone, 52% of LGBTQIA+ folks had experienced depression in the past year. Jessica Chappell illustrated how an individual can feel so low they may not have the initiative to help themselves, therefore it can be helpful for an ally to take this first step for them and guide them to a safer space. 
We would like to thank our fabulous panel for their insights, as well as our wonderful platinum sponsor JFrog!
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