Recap - Webinar #13: Building purpose-driven technology

By:Alfie Rice

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Recap - Webinar #13: Building purpose-driven technology
Our fabulous Women in DevOps panel!

Our Women in DevOps community came together for our latest webinar session, ‘Building purpose-driven technology.’

We touched on the meaning of purpose, with Ann Roberts, Chief People Officer at Flo Heath explaining how purpose should not be a marketing spin, if you create value to users, this will enhance the business.

Celine, junior software engineer at Avado spoke about how her organisation have employed 50% of their employees from a non-technical background; she and many other colleagues trained through Avado’s ‘coding bootcamp.’ By hiring this way, fresh ideas and new ways of thinking can be implemented.

The discussion also focused on the relationship between diversity and purpose. Jeffrey Perlman, Chief Strategy Officer at Mindvalley, explained the debate of whether diversity creates high-performing teams, speaking about how similar minds allows one to tap into each other’s cultural intelligence – ‘the hive mind’ – if one person cannot merge with the hive mind, the team dynamic can often fall apart.

Missed the webinar? No worries - catch up by watching the video footage below.

We would like to thank our fabulous panel for their insights, as well as our wonderful platinum sponsor JFrog!

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