Recap - Event: Why Neurodiversity and Mental Health Matter

By:Francesca Pollard

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Recap - Event: Why Neurodiversity and Mental Health Matter
Our fabulous panel!

On Wednesday evening, our Women in DevOps community came together to explore two of the most critical elements of the human experience: neurodiversity and mental health. 

Our inspirational speakers deftly explored the importance of raising awareness, self-advocacy, and battling stigma in the neurodiversity and mental health spaces. 

We were very excited to be joined by:

  • Georgina Shute – Delivery Lead, Equal Experts
  • Ruth Ellen Danquah – Chief Innovation Officer, Exceptional Individuals
  • Mhairi Hislop – Software Engineer, Huboo Fulfilment
  • Angeline Mulet-Marquis – Engineering Manager, Funding Circle UK

Neurodiversity and mental health have always mattered – they’re core aspects of the human experience, and as our collective understanding of the two topics grow, celebrating our superpowers and finding the courage to say, ‘no idea is ridiculous,’ has never been so important.

Our expert panel shared their experiences, insights, and hopes for the future of the topic, and it resulted in a truly meaningful and important discussion, one that resonated deeply with everyone.

We were all thoroughly engaged with the extraordinary breadth of knowledge and experience on show, and our audience were able to get involved too, with one first-time attendee letting us know that she felt like she found a community she could finally belong to. 

From taking away the idea of hiring for a cultural fit, to developing more inclusive interviews and creating space to communicate ideas, our panel explored the means to break down barriers in the workplace, and to avoid having to fight just to be heard.

With the help of a live poll, we were able to encourage and amplify the thoughts and opinions of our audience during the discussion, offering us even more valuable insight, including what kind of superpowers our audience possessed – from empathy to Xbox, it was quite the cross section.

After the discussion, we kicked the networking portion of the evening off with some delicious food and drink from the fabulous Fika Catering, where our audience members got the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in the DevOps space.

We want to say a huge thank to our friends at Funding circle for hosting the event, our fantastic panel, our audience, and Peter Abraham, our sign language interpreter for the evening. We all left feeling inspired and hopeful for the future in the knowledge that kindness prevails.

We’re super excited to announce our next Women in DevOps London hybrid event, ‘The Rise of Serverless: Influencing the Future of DevOps’ on the 26th of October, find out more and RSVP here.