Recap - Event: Why Neurodiversity and Mental Health Matter

By:Francesca Pollard

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Recap - Event: Why Neurodiversity and Mental Health Matter
Our fabulous panel!

On Wednesday evening, our Women in DevOps community came together to explore two of the most critical elements of the human experience: neurodiversity and mental health. 

From celebrating our superpowers to finding the courage to be ourselves, ‘no idea is too ridiculous,’ and thanks to our inspiring panel of experts, we were provided with some profoundly deep insight into the neurodiversity and mental health space.  

We’d like to thank our panellists, Georgina Shute, Ruth-Ellen Danquah, Mhairi Hislop and Angeline Mulet-Marquis for their powerful insights. Thank you, also, to our attendees who joined us both in-person and virtually!   

We’re super excited to announce our next Women in DevOps London hybrid event, ‘The Rise of Serverless: Influencing the Future of DevOps’ on the 26th of October, find out more and RSVP here.