Recap - Event: Making Observability Make Sense

By:Antonia Otter

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Recap - Event: Making Observability Make Sense
Our host with the most, EU co-founder Antonia Otter!

Last week our Women in DevOps team travelled to Berlin to host our in-person hybrid event, ‘Making Observability Make Sense,’ with the fabulous SumUp, hosted by EU co-founder Antonia Otter.  


From auto instrumentation to end-to-end visibility and the use of Istio Telemetry; our audience enjoyed a series of technical talks led by SRE and DevOps experts Leonard B., Nadya Shakhat and Bhavna Sagta.

Thank you again to SumUp, as well as our fabulous in-person and virtual attendees for their inquisitive insights and contributions. We hope you enjoyed your evening with us – we can’t wait to return to Berlin for another event very soon!  

Missed the event? No worries – catch up by watching the video recording below: