Podcast Episode - International Women's Day with Susie Coleman

By:Lucy Neal

Podcast Episode - International Women's Day with Susie Coleman

We discussed what Susie has been up to at the BBC, the importance of closing the gender pay gap and tackling gender bias in the workplace. We then went on to uncover the significance of flexible working, sustainability in technology, Susie’s role models and the importance of creating policies on discrimination to support the LGBTQ+ community.


Susie has the vision to see the tech world reflect the real world and the general population, which is far beyond gender. There needs to be a cultural shift throughout the tech industry, particularly at the top and organisations need to be doing more on how they attract lots of different groups of people. Equality in technology is fundamental in creating people and planet-friendly technology.


We passionately believe that a balanced diverse and inclusive workforce will drive innovation. It improves performance, enables creativity and has the ability to transform the world. We are committed to the pursuit of ensuring diversity and inclusion, join us to celebrate the achievements of women. Take a listen here: