International Women's Month: an interview with Roos Jansen

By:Alfie Rice

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International Women's Month: an interview with Roos Jansen

We sat down with Roos Jansen, a people and culture lead at Bitwala, a crypto bank that is focussed on growing your wealth.



What got you into people and culture?

I have always had a strong connection with people. At the same time, I’m passionate about creating things from scratch, so start-up and HR were a clear combination I had to be part of. Though I didn’t specifically look for a specific company, when I found the position at solarisBank in Berlin, I knew this was it. I love the fast-paced environment, being able to make a huge impact while at the same time growing personally lots.


Biggest Career Achievement?


Through the last 5 years, I was able to build up twice a People & Culture department from scratch, including all processes, structures and programs. I’m really proud of my learnings and growth, which include managing hypergrowth twice, the ability to foster diversity groups through initiatives such as Period Leave and taking part in the creation of a Learning Framework. I always say I work for and with the people, not with the people. My mission is to build a workplace where people feel valued, connected and motivated.


Who is your role model?

One of my role models is my mom, who taught me the value of independence and how that by itself, is a guarantee for living a life I want. Making choices for yourself and your happiness is the way for a balanced soul.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

If I have to give advice to my younger self, I’d like to tell myself to stay true to myself and know that that is enough.