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By:Lucy Neal

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Welcome you to our monthly newsletter, this month being our August edition! As always, Team Women in DevOps has been busy working on various exciting projects this month, one of which being our August webinar, 'The DevOps-ing Journey.'  The first talk of the session was led by Jeremy Meiss, whilst it seems that every week new terms appear to describe DevOps tools, segments, ideas, practices, etc., are they really new? CI/CD, Progressive Delivery, AIOps, GitOps, TreeOps (not real, but who knows, maybe it will be next week?) - are they all the same, or are they just reimagining last week’s buzz words? Jeremy broke down a few of these terms, what they mean, how they’re used, and why they may matter for you and your teams in an engaging talk.

We are continuing on our mission of inspiring the future leaders of the DevOps world and amplifying the voices of all women and minority groups in DevOps. This newsletter showcases what we have been up to over the past month, from guest interviews, information about our networking initiatives to our community member of the month, latest job opportunities and news of our sponsors.

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